Track and Field

Welcome to Lake 'O Elite Athletics Track Club! Home of the "2023 Fastest 6 year old in the Country Mia Ridley." Our track program is all about development so whether your kid has experience or not we want to teach your kid the fundamentals of track and field! Biggest misperception about Track & Field is that you have to be fast! This is inaccurate, the purpose of track & field is to build confidence, self-esteem, set goals and crush them! Track & Field is individual based so you will be able to see your kids growth throughout the season in addition to preparing them for any sport they so choose to play afterwards! Track & Field is the only sport that translate skills to every sport (Running, Agility, Conditioning, etc.) So welcome to Lake 'O where we invest into your kid, will you?

*Upon Completion Of Application You Will Receive Email Or Text Within 48 Hours*